About Me

Where It All Started

This aspect of my life started with a Civil wedding ceremony in our back garden. We both wanted something that reflected who we are, our hopes and aspirations of the life we were to share and the love we had for each other. We had a great day and our ceremony was bang on the button!

Sadly a few years later my father died and despite sharing information and life stories, the ceremony did not reflect the man his achievements, life adventures or the man that I knew.

Speaking to friends and family they had also experienced the same.

I decided that becoming a Civil Celebrant that was something that I could do to make peoples life events a more positive experience.

With a background in sales and marketing, I am not adverse to public speaking. In my capacity of sponsorship sales I have also organised a variety of events, so am crucially aware that the details are key.

In my journey I have met the most amazing people I have been and feel privileged to have spoken on behalf of the bereaved and share stories of the lives of those they have loved. Have celebrated the welcoming of new family members via Naming ceremonies. While also being honoured to celebrate the love that couples declare with their family and friends through a Wedding, Partnership or Vow renewal ceremony.


Whether your chosen venue or ceremony be traditional, alternative or just completely out there - together we can make it happen.


T: 01920 463645 or 07818 003592


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